Colitri Mir

Colitri Mir

Colitri Mir

200 ML Oral solution (Lamb`s lover)

Composition :

Each ml contains:

  • Enrofloxacin25 mg
  • Colistin (as sulphate) 250,000 IU
  • Excipinetq.s to make 1 ml

Description :

Colitri Mir is the combination of colistin & enrofloxacin act additives.

Colistin is an antibiotic from the group of polymyxins with a bactericidal action against .Gram-negative bacteria like E.coli, Haemophilus and Saalmonella spp. Enrofloxacin belongs tothe group of guinolones and acts bactericidal against mainly Gram-negative bacteria like Campylobacter, E.coli, Haemophilus, Pasteurella , Salmonella and also highly effective against Mycoplasma spp.


Colitri Mir is indicated as a drug of choice for Gastrointestinal infections caused by colistin and enrofloxacin sensitive micro-organisms like E.coli,Haemophilus, Mycoplasma and Salmonella spp in kids , lambs and calves.

Dosage: Kids & lambs:2 pumps /5 kg of live body weight for 3-5 days.

Withdrawal period:

Calves , kids & Lambs :

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